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A high-quality Carpet Cleaner is what you are looking for right? An excellent service offered by a carpet cleaning company and that should be Customer Oriented, Affordable, and Professional? Then take a look on what we are offering!

You have stumbled on the right place for cleaning your floors! Because when you choose us for cleaning your floors, you won’t wander anymore because this is the right carpet cleaning company that you have been looking for.

Call S&B today, and we are happy to inform you on what particular cleaning needs are ideally suited to your needs.

A carpet in a living room that is professionally cleaned in Dunbar Charleston WV.
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Charleston Best Carpet Cleaners

We are the local carpet cleaning company in your area. S&B Carpet Cleaners Charleston is the right choice. We are located in Charleston, WV. 

Our business offers high quality services for upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning in Charleston, WV. We are committed to providing our customers with the best carpet cleaning services every single time. Do not look beyond if you need timely and affordable high-quality service. We know the fact that, in case of bursting pipes or clogging, arrival of unexpected floods is possible any time. What usually happens in these cases is that your floor coverings like your carpets on your floors will get water damage.

This is the exact reason why our service is great. Wait is never an option in these circumstances –water issues needs water extraction ASAP from your carpet floor. Since time is never by your side in these situations. To keep the damages minimal, it is better to quickly reach us by phone to get to your location.

Before and After Results

A clean for in a before and after picture for a home in South Hills Charleston WV.
Upholstery cleaning before and after in a house in central Charleston WV.
A clean office hall and clean upholstery in downtown Charleston WV.
Professional rug cleaning equipment for a home in Kanawha City Charleston WV.

We Are Your Local Affordable Carpet Cleaners in Charleston, WV

Is your carpet flooring in your home or business looking dirty? To a have better look, one can make a comparison of the open and unexposed areas of your carpets. When you notice that there is a difference, then it is clear that you need a cleaning treatment. For a free quote, just give S&B Carpet Cleaners Charleston a call. Give us a ring Today!

A professional deep cleaning of carpet is required if the color difference is stark. If you still apply some DIY technique for spot removal or vacuuming at home, then stop what you are doing. Because your carpet is already at a high level of dirt that further self-cleaning becomes ineffective. Only from that point on, deep steam cleaning applied by professionals will help you get your floor clean.

We are able to remove those strong layers of filthiness and dirt. One of our favorite ways to remove dirt from carpets is cleaning through steam. It is eco-friendly and one of the most effective technique and not hazardous for your environment.

An in-depth steam extraction is the ultimate way to clean your carpets. Nothing like that makes carpets cleaner than other processes. It is able to outperform most other carpet cleaning techniques.

In our business this is the industry standard. Your carpet fibers are going to thank you for it, as they’re going to have an extended lifetime.

A carpet is cleaned with eco-friendly carpet cleaning products in Dunbar Charleston WV.
Professional carpet cleaning equipment for a residential customer in Spring Hill Charleston WV.

Carpet Cleaners Near Me

Some rooms have carpets and upholstery that are hard to get to because furniture are in the way or because some areas in the room are harder to reach because of the room size. If they are accessible, then the need of moving anything is not needed.

However, moving furniture is sometimes required in special cases. Let us know beforehand, when you contact us, if any furniture needs to be moved. If you are able to of course. Then you can move or drag some dressers, beds or bedside tables to help with the cleaning process if needed.

We appreciate that a lot, it would reduce the time needed to prepare. Of course, we are able to move your furniture as well, if you can’t.

We also recommend to our customers to pre-vacuum the carpet if possible before our cleaning starts. There could be an additional fee for areas that are heavily soiled. If there may be any extra charges needed, then this will always be communicated before we start any work.

Approximately 80 per cent of every upholstery or furniture is ideal for steam cleaning. No matter what kind of furniture you own, we can do it all! Let’s get your rooms and other areas clean and fresh again. We do upholstery cleaning service for all kinds of rooms like office areas, bedrooms, living room, and a lot more!

In case of getting a tidy carpet, you need to hire professional carpet cleaners that provide you services to get clean carpets. If you need our thorough cleaning, just call us now!

Why Call Us?

A neat and tidy carpet in home does not only look great, but in terms of safety, it also provides healthy and clean air. Some certain bacteria, dirt, or dust mites are invisible to the naked eye and can only be washed by cleaning professionals.

You do not have to look for other companies anymore. Because, you can keep finding a carpet service company that has perhaps the lowest prices. Then you should choose these companies.

Cheap carpet cleaning services is not what we offer. Because you always get what you pay for. We also do not like to call our services cheap. S&B delivers services that are affordable for everybody.

We only provide premium quality carpet cleaning services at affordable pricing. Call us Today and you will get our team of cleaners that are happy to serve you. Any homeowners or business owners that needs our professional cleaning services can easily reach us by phone.

A clean curtain in a living room from South Charleston.

Or if you need professional tips on how to get your carpets fresh between our visits, then give us a ring! We’re happy to give any advice on how to extend your carpet lifetime. In the long run, this will help you keep money in your wallet.

Another reason to choose us, is that we ensure you are happy with our services. Our S&B carpet cleaners are committed to delivering the best cleaning service for each of our customers. If you aren’t satisfied with our services, we will work till you are completely satisfied!

We value our business reputation because that is what we believe that creates a business value. We understand that great reputation delivers great referrals. So we want you to be satisfied so you will happily refer us to your friends and family. You can also find us here online.

For reliable carpet cleaning services, contact us Today.

A couch in South Charleston is getting professionally hot in-depth steam cleaning.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in Charleston, WV

If you don´t look after your carpet with proper cleaning, then your carpets will get soiled over time. It will lose its texture of the fabric over the years. Especially for carpet floor areas that has a lot of foot traffic.

In most cases however, what carpets require is some decent cleaning. No need to replace any carpets. It’s also an expensive effort to replace carpet, and it can also take an immense amount time. And this is even more the case when your rooms have a lot of ground to cover.

Carpets that have been stained and look aged require adequately a thorough wash cleaning. To get rid of the ground-in grime and dirt, usually old carpets require deep sanitation to give a shining touch to its fabric. Our assurance is that our staff will provide you the best quality service.

We are the best carpet cleaning company. After we have completed a comprehensive inspection of your carpet, you can count on us to make use of the best cleaning equipment and materials to take care of your work!

Carpet Floor Cleaning Options

Knowing what kind of flooring you have in your rooms will be helpful for us. Then we’ll know what kind of tools is right for us to use.

Of course, we do not want to do any harm to your precious carpet, which is why it is crucial for us to know the carpet cleaning equipment that will be suited to your case.

You should always expect us to take our inspection seriously, but no worries. Our carpet cleaners that walk over your floor are nice and friendly people! We regard our customer service very highly.

A luxurious living room after a professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning in South Hills Charleston WV.

We’re a company that is here to clean wide range of carpets from budget-friendly fabrics to luxurious carpet textures. No matter which carpet or flooring material you choose, we make sure you get high-quality carpet and floor maintenance solutions.

There are various styles of carpets. One kind is the “Saxony Carpet”. It’s a form where you get the heat-set, cut, and twisted. The characteristic is that tufts will display signs of foot traffic or vacuum cleaners.

If the carpet is swept in a way, the color appears to get darker. Our quality equipment will ensure that the luxurious look of your carpet is kept, and any traces left behind can also be eliminated.

Another style of carpet that is one of the most common textures is the “Luxurious Plush” type. It is equivalent to velour or velvet, since the layer of carpet fabrics is heavier.

Another type is the “Carved Saxony”. In this type the fibers have been rendered of various lengths, which provide it a certain pattern or shape. All kinds of debris and dirt that have been trapped in its extended threads can be removed.

Our carpet cleaner is doing a cleaning job in West Side Charleston WV.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet cleaning services for Commercial and residential purposes are offered by our business in the Charleston, WV and surrounding towns. Our business is able to give any services related to upholstery and carpet cleaning.

They include range of items for example chairs, sofas, rug cleaning, panels, dividers, floor runners, and more! Do the floors of your entryways in your rooms look like a mess? No need to worry. We are here to ease your stress.We do all sorts of work, as you are aware. 

We’re ready to take every job from huge to small ones. And after our service, we’re sure you’ll be very happy with us. That’s why our clients choose to stick with our services! We are proud to say that we’re the best carpet cleaning company in town over the years.

Steam extraction process for any carpet cleaning related issues will be carried out. And is it also possible that no harsh chemicals are used. This will make sure the carpet is absolutely clean and looks good again.

When you need to sweep up the carpets, think about us! We will be very glad to help you in your rooms. We want you to be our next loyal clients as many others have become! Call us Today!

Best Carpet Cleaners in Charleston, WV

Every person is different. We know that every client has different needs according to his or her priorities. Not all carpets or rugs are created in the same way.

That’s why we are able to give each of our customers a customized choice of treatments. And we do make sure you get a good picture of our cleaning operation. It is only to let you understand why, how, or what we’re doing.

A happy family in North Charleston, WV in a clean and healthy living room.

No toxic chemicals that leave hazardous gases in the air or those that damage your furniture or your carpet are used. Our cleaners will only be happy after finishing the job when you feel you are 100% satisfied with our service. Customer satisfaction is important for us.

Our professional carpet cleaning equipment doing the carpet cleaning in South Charleston.

Cheap Carpet Cleaning... High Quality!

A lot of customers that we have come across, had bad experiences with previous companies. These business owners and homeowners had often overpaid for the work that was done.

This is the foremost reason we want to offer services that are affordable and fair for a high-quality premium service. We want everyone to be able to get quality carpet cleaning service.

We do not like the usage of the word cheap, because cheap prices will halt you from getting quality cleaning. You’re generally just are going to get what you pay for after all. Alternatively, we want to deliver services that are affordable and fair-priced.

Who wants a cheap, crappy carpet cleaning service? No one, am I correct? Turning to the best carpet cleaning company by choosing S&B in town will save your time and resources. Let’s give a quality floor treatment to your rooms that it deserves!

West Virginia Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Service

We have a team of carpet cleaners that are dedicated to get the job done. Your floors will look like it is brand-new after we finished the work. Call S&B Today for your free personal quote.

You can take an appointment whenever it suits you. For a clear carpet inspection, we’ll make sure to examine rigorously. Contact us to plan our quality service in your schedule.

Professional upholstery cleaning for a sofa in a living room near South Charleston area.

During the inspection we´ll assess which type of carpet cleaning service is needed for your floor. We perform services for a house, business, office, and more.

When stains need to be cleaned from a certain section of the carpet fabric, we may extract it by spot treating whenever there are large stains. This way, the carpet won’t get damaged.

If any places are not visible and unexposed, such as places under the couch or bed, we will be glad to double-check it for you. Like we said before, we carry out a detailed inspection! There is no area left behind, stains have no chance against our carpet cleaning service.

Whichever type form of flooring, you will be provided with guarantee that the highest cleaning quality will be given to your home or company.
Do you have any questions that you need help with for your cleaning issues? Any carpet upholstery or floor cleaning issue is no problem for us.

We are your carpet cleaning experts. Call us Today!

Our professional carpet cleaning team ready for a office cleaning job in South Charleston WV.

Your Steam Cleaning Team

Steam extraction is one of the most preferred methods to remove deep-seated dirt and particles. With a vacuumer it’s really hard to get rid of. But allowing your carpet fibers to be professionally cleaned will help your carpet last longer.

If you’re concerned about possible allergic reactions from the use of any sort of detergent, then there is no reason to worry! Because we provide a steam-only cleaning for floors, as well on request!

We’re glad to do so, because it’s an excellent way to keep the environment clean for your children or pets. Rest assured that our steam cleaning services wouldn’t leave any dirt or stains behind!

We have expert carpet cleaners in-house, that can see from a mile away which carpets are soiled! We’re capable of returning your carpet back to its original condition!

The first thing we do is start vacuuming and remove debris or dirt that are just on the floor. Real cleaning starts after this. The carpet then will be steam cleaned or washed. Treatment will depend on the type of carpet. If you need any water damage restoration, we can do that too.

Know that you can trust on the best steam extraction method. Get all your carpet cleaning needs fixed at S&B!

Carpet Vacuuming & Steam Cleaning

Deep carpet vacuuming method is a smart way to minimize any dirt or residue on your carpet’s surface. Deep vacuuming needs more time to restore. So we always make sure to get it as clean as possible.

The aim of deep vacuuming is to clean every portion of your carpet. No visible traces of some dirt, stain, and other particles are found after treatment.

Your floor will become a cleaner and better place for everyone in your home or company to enjoy.

A picture of a difference of a clean and dirty area in a carpet for an office in South Charleston, WV.

Yet we still recommend that our clients go a little more than just deep carpet vacuuming. Since vacuum work isn’t capable to remove discolorations or certain stains in a carpet. The truth is, these blemishes have been on your carpet for such a long time and are now lingered on your carpet fibers.

In certain situations, even a couple of cleaning sessions might be required to remove them completely. The big difference in steaming is that it’s going to go a lot farther than only vacuuming. Since steam cleaning is aimed to sanitize, but it also disinfects.

It eliminates any stains that have been built up over time. Owing to the high-water temperature of about 360 degrees, steam can destroy molds, bacteria, dust mites, fungus, allergens and more. So the best way to get a real deep clean for your carpets is steam cleaning, it is the best method we always recommend.

Our cleaner will remove dirt that is sticking to your carpet fibers. You can get a thorough clean with our cleaning operation. Not just the carpet, but the whole floor with or without all its fabrics. You do not even have to worry about getting your whole carpet replaced or even removed.

You can just easily have it professionally cleaned. S&B Carpet Cleaners Charleston is ready to take on your soiled floors!

A carpet in a company room in West Side Charleston WV got a coffee stain.

No Need To Replace Your Carpets... Just Clean It!

It’s recommended to have your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year. It is the best method to extend your carpet lifetime. Your carpet will go along for many years more by doing so. Steam process is the best way to do the job.

Usage of professional machines can remove hairs, dirt, dust mites, or any other particles that is stuck hard. Steam is going to reach the carpet fibers completely. By using the high temperature, the excessive heat makes sure to get rid of stains and spores.

And there is no worry if your carpet will get damaged. Because steam cleaning is the most effective way to get your carpet cleaned and is the safest method as well. We can clean your home or business to a much safer and healthier place to live in.

If you don’t clean the carpet, the dirt will quickly build up again and become extremely difficult to extract dirt in the future. That makes it more difficult to clean and also costs you more time and resources.

Choosing professional carpet cleaners to sweep properly on yearly basis will make the carpet shining, and they will extend its lifetime. That’s going to save you money in the end! So, what are you waiting for? Call us now and get a free personal evaluation!

Happy customers in Spring Hill Charleston WV.